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justice looks bleak for the havok I wreak

Basic Crap:
Name - Jim
Age and Birthday - 22, 6/28/82
Location - Upstate NY
Whom did you promote us to - use_your_name, and death_to_us_all

Music Crap:
What Instrument do you play - Anything I can. I sing and play keyboards and banjo and guitar and bass and kazoo and euphonium and feedback and chunks of metal and funny noises and various electronics. I'm not as good as I want to be. But I think it may be better that way.
How long have you been playing - When they pulled me out of my mom and spanked me I sang my first note. I picked up trumpet at something like nine, then switched to euphonium around twelve. Most everything else I started with four or five years ago. except banjo; I just got my banjo a few months ago.
What do you love most about music - It makes people inadvertantly like math. I'm not sure if it's a love or a dependancy, really. Once I tried to get away. But I can't do it. I do love it. Deeply. It does bring people together. And it totally controls emotions. I feel like there are a lot of intangible forces out there, and most of them are totally beyond our grasp, but music is right there for me to toy with. And it's so powerful.
Favorite chord - I tend to like them in juxtaposition more than just alone. f minor, second inversion is kind of nice.
Favorite key - I tend to like to write atonally. When I'm not, I'm pretty evenly divided, as far as I can tell.
Favorite mode -I like to say mixolydian. Not in response to this question, just in general. Again, my atonal nature sort of precludes modes.
Favorite musician/bands - That's a vicious question, and you know it. I'll just toss out a few and try to give you a good picture. Conlon Nancarrow, Moistboyz, Sex Mob, Masada, Bad Livers, Henry Cowell, Mike Patton, Drums & Tuba, Raymond Scott, MC Paul Barman, Beach Boys, Z-Rock Hawaii, Kid606, BS2000, Hans Reichel. There's something.
Favorite musical era - I liked the serialists. They were nuts. And I guess Baroque/Classical for giving us so much harpsichord music. Harpsichords are amazing. And, of course, I like contemporary stuff. I like how if you listen to music in chronological order it gets more frayed and twisted as you go. I kind of love it all.
Why are musicians so damn hot - All that creation is going on all the time, and it's happening on a plane so much higher than we can really comprehend; it makes the skin and hair shiny. Like milk for a cat.

Elitist Crap:
Favorite books - Man, I haven't really read in so long. I hate that I haven't. I really liked Sphere like thirteen years ago. One of my friends just lent me "The Essential Ellison", and it's pretty good.
Favorite Poet - Richard Brautigan. But I'm not that well read in poetry.
Favorite Philosopher - Mark Newton.
Thoughts on Freud - He had some cute thoughts. I think he was a little crazy, though. But, undoubtedly, he'd think the same of me.
Nietzsche vs. Kierkegaard - Nietzsche.
Sophacles vs. Socrates - Sophacles, but just barely.
What languages do you speak - Unfortunately I only speak English. I'm pretty solid at it, though.
Interest in politics - Well, I expect you all to vote for me in 2020, if that's what you mean.

Anything else we should know - Sometimes I can be kind of verbose. Also, degreasers based on natural ingredients seem to help poison ivy go away faster. That's something you should know, just in case.

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