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About me

Name? Crysania
Age and Birthday? 28 and October 23
Location? Currently in Indiana...most likely moving to Syracuse, NY in the next month or so
Who did you promote us to? I believe that promoting is supposed to be done IF we are accepted? If I am in the wrong in this, I'll promote away! I have my own community on sharing music and have a few other music communities to promote this group in! Just let me know if I'm supposed to promote now or later.

What Instrument do you play? Clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, recorders, various other Renaissance instruments, and penny whistle...I also sing
How long have you been playing? Clarinet for 20 years, penny whistle for a year and a half, singing in choirs for 21 years...I've played the others at varying times in my life and don't currently play (if I could find an early music ensemble in my area, I'd most certainly be playing Renaissance instruments still!)...I've currently taken up the fiddle, which is my latest exciting endeavour!
What do you love most about music? Its ability to cross all boundaries and reach right from one human soul to another.
Favorite chord? minor chords, especially D and Bb minor
Favorite key?D minor
Favorite mode? It's a tie between aeolian and dorian
Favorite bands? Solas and Lunasa (both Irish traditional)
Favorite musician? Seamus Egan (from Solas)
Favorite musical era? Another tie...the late Renaissance era (Gesualdo and his ilk) and the late Romantic era (Mahler, etc.)
Why are musicians so damn hot? The talent, the connection with something greater than them, the connection with the past that makes them seem almost otherworldly...they're simply a dot on an ever-moving river of sounds, harmonies, rhythms...they can reach out and touch the ages...and most importantly, they can reach out and touch the human heart.

Favorite books? Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera, Baroness Orzcy's The Scarlet Pimpernel
Favorite Poet? Henry Vaughan, e.e.cummings
Favorite Philosopher? I don't really have one...I take little bits and pieces of many...though I've enjoyed thinking about Jung's archetypes
Thoughts on Freud? some of his ideas had merits...for the most part I find him to be a quack
Nietzsche vs. Kierkegaard? Kierkegaard
Sophacles vs. Socrates? Sophocles
What languages do you speak? English (obviously) and a little bit of French...I used to be fluent, but not having had any use for the everyday speaking of it, I've lost much of it
Interest in politics? I'm interested in ideas...and my rights as a citizen...I'm not interested in the slanderous crap thrown back and forth between candidates.

Anything else we should know? While I play a variety of instruments, my main musical interests are composition and theory. I'm almost done with my doctorate in comp/theory (currently ABD...which means "all but dissertation") and hopefully I'll be teaching theory, composition, music history, or any combination of those at some university in the near future.

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