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We're Elite, We're Musicians

We're Hotter Than You.

The Rating Community for Hot, Elite Musicians
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
RULES for Applicants:
*Post AT LEAST three CLEAR, UNEDITED pictures of yourself.
*Both your pictures AND application (in its entirety) must be behind an LJ cut, they look like this:
(Just take out the *'s)

<*lj-cut text="TEXT HERE">

Post here

*You must play an instrument (singers count!)
*You must promote this community to at least TWO members or other communities. TWO. Count em. ONE. TWO.
*You must be at least 14 years old.
*Boys and girls are welcome to apply.
*If you argue with me, or any members, you will be banned.
*If you use atrocious grammar or spelling, you will be declined.
*If you do anything else to look like a moron, you will be declined. We're elitists, remember?
*If you use 'lol' 'u' 'ur' etc. in excess, you will be declined. After a while those things start to give me seizures.
*I am the mod. I overrule everyone else. Period.
*You will be stamped as soon as possible.

If Accepted:
*Congratulations. VOTE AND PROMOTE. Failure to do so will result in a banning.
*Promote in your userinfo. I will check.
*Post pictures or anything of interest at any time!
*Be very, VERY strict with your "accepts". Failure to be an elitist will result in a stern talking-to from your lovely mod.
*Explain why you gave a yes or no, please.

If Rejected:
*Sorry. You can apply again in a week with new pictures.
*Don't bitch, people. I'll ban your ugly ass.
*Don't start drama. You will be banned.
*Don't argue with me, or any accepted members, you will be banned.

Basic Crap:
Age and Birthday?
Who did you promote us to?

Music Crap:
What Instrument do you play?
How long have you been playing?
What do you love most about music?
Favorite chord?
Favorite key?
Favorite mode?
Favorite bands?
Favorite musician?
Favorite musical era?
Why are musicians so damn hot?

Elitist Crap:
Favorite books?
Favorite Poet?
Favorite Philosopher?
Thoughts on Freud?
Nietzsche vs. Kierkegaard?
Sophacles vs. Socrates?
What languages do you speak?
Interest in politics?

Anything else we should know?


The Stamps:

this layout was so awesomely done by shot_down_love