mike (quiet_chords) wrote in elitemusicians,

Basic Crap:
Name? mike or michael
Age and Birthday? 16 jan 24
Location? long island
Who did you promote us to? im lazy

Music Crap:
What Instrument do you play? classical guitar and jazz guitar. i dont waste my time with pentatonic scales and rock music. i play jazz sax and i dabble with the piano
How long have you been playing guitar for 8 years
What do you love most about music? how i get obsessed with it and cut class to play and think about tying my fingers together so they work the right way

Favorite chord? i dont see why you can have a favorite chord judging by the note..they're all the same sound just different pitches..its better to ask what type so i'll say my favorite type is a major 7 sharp 11 chord

Favorite key? no preference

Favorite mode? no preference..probably lydian..whatever the tune calls to be played over

Favorite composers/bands? sigur ros is my favorite band but i dont really listen to much other than jazz and classical recently..my favorite composer is either stravinsky or debussy..i also love rachmaninov especially the second piano concerto..rodrigos concerto de aranjuez naturally because im a guitarist, i dig chopin, rimsky korsakov, prokofiev, tchakovsky (i like the russians), shostakovich, i love puccinis operas too. i dont know. i could go on forever.
Favorite musician? segovia and wes montgomery are the absolutely favorite..but i love john coltrane and thelonious monk..i love charles mingus, miles davis, sonny rollins, and gil evans. blah blah blah i like jazz

Favorite musical era? either the 50s jazz or late 19th/early 20th century classical

Why are musicians so damn hot? well theyre not, and all of the best players i know are either old and alone or married to another musician

Elitist Crap:
Favorite books? crime and punishment by dostoevsky, naseau by sartre, heart of darkness by conrad, im reading genet now and i like it too..i dont know if its my favorite though. i read alot. i like camus too.

Favorite Poet? dylan thomas who i think is amazing, yeats and keats are tied for second

Favorite Philosopher? hmm not sure. i dont absolutely agree with any one philosphy 100% so i sorta took a bunch of ones and made my own.

Thoughts on Freud? we dont realize how much he's affected western thought and whether we like him or not its influenced us so good for anyone who can make such a mark on the world
Nietzsche vs. Kierkegaard? not sure

Sophacles vs. Socrates? sophocles...just read oedipus the king and you'd understand haha

What languages do you speak? english and i wouldnt say spanish fluently but i saw this spanish film mar adentro the other day and i understood alot of it without subtitles..im only in year 4 though

Interest in politics? im a musician take a fucking guess which side of the spectrum im on...but i refuse to talk politics with people who all of a sudden hate bush cuz they saw michael moores movie or something fucking retarded like that. ignorance is on both sides of the political spectrum and i'd rather speak to someone from the right who's well informed (but ass backward) than some blabbering fool rambling about some documentary (that was good but over rated and somewhat ridiculous..the only interesting part was what he said about the saudis but apparently thats fabricated)

Anything else we should know? honest to god i found this survey amusing and im not posting pictures cuz im too lazy and this quiz was a great way to waste time when i could be doing other, better things. so deny me if you will. i wont lose sleep over it. i know i dont like common music but i would liek to say that theres nothing worse than people who only listen to music because no one else has heard of it and it makes them a individual. individualism is a lie. i listen to the music i do cuz i love it not cuz it makes me cultured or to intentionally be elite. i just hate when people listen to shit music and claim to be musicians when they have no aspirations toward becoming a real musician. so ciao.

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