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Hey, I'm a university student from Toronto majoring in music education and I'm currently conducting a short survey for an ethnomusicology project that looks at groupthink/identity and the effects of music on sociocultural organization and behaviour. If you could spare 10 minutes to answer I'd be much obliged. Length and detail of answers are at your discretion but I do ask that they be as honest as possible. This information will not be collected for malicious use however you may feel free to keep it anonymous. Thanks.

Age:          Gender:              Occupation: 
Highest level of education:                     Ethnic background: 

1. Circle the statement that most accurately describes you:
a) I intend to or am in the process of pursuing a career related to music or other performing arts.
b) I listen to music recreationally.

c) I am active in organizing or attending music/arts events within my scene.

2. Have you ever reluctantly taken up "interest" in a kind of music that didn't especially appeal to you, but that you felt would aid you socially by gaining acceptance from an elite clique or by simply providing more common interests and opportunities for interaction with others? Or have you purposely neglected to mention liking certain genres for the same reasons?

3. If applicable, please describe any previous music education you may have received and how it influenced your sentiments towards the type of music studied.

4. How do you discover most of your new music?
a) radio and television
b) (maga)zine/newspaper/online reviews
c) recommendations from peers or relatives
d) concert flyers

e) other(s): 

5. Do you consider yourself to have come from a musical family? What kind of music were you brought up on and how is it similar or different from the kind(s) you enjoy now?

a) Please list some musical genres you listen to frequently and provide an example of each:

b) What are some popular stereotypes, judgments or misconceptions that other people often have towards enthusiasts of these genres as well as their cultural implications? Check all that apply:

    The music:
        __ requires little/no talent or technical proficiency
        __ technically challenging
        __ meaningless chaotic noise
        __ repetitive, generic and manufactured
        __ a timeless, classic, revolutionary exhibition of outstanding artistry
        __ emotional, melodic, expressive
        __ superior to most other genres
        __ inspiring
        __ other: 

    The message or scene:
        __ shallow, very fashion based
        __ melodramatic/attention-seeking bullshit
        __ socially productive and effective
        __ existentialist or humanist
        __ hypocritical
        __ exploitative
        __ "Down with the establishment!"
        __ a whiney, cheap, empty cause
        __ destroys society and corrupts youth through practices of an immoral, promiscuous lifestyle
        __ contributes to developing a safer, more civilized and tolerant society
        __ other: 

    The musicians and fans:
        __ elite snobs
        __ narrow minded
        __ open minded, tolerant and accepting
        __ stupid or ignorant
        __ intelligent, self-motivated critical thinkers
        __ easygoing, friendly and approachable
        __ drug users/substance dependent
        __ emotionally troubled, possibly depressed or suicidal
        __ conformists
        __ emotionally stable and balanced
        __ outgoing
        __ politically aware
        __ hypocritical
        __ violent
        __ sexually promiscuous
        __ high in moral standard
        __ delusional
        __ weak
        __ spoiled, wealthy, extravagant
        __ lazy
        __ other: 

c) When others criticize your culture of embodying any of these negative, how do you defend yourself and your community? Do you see even minimal truth in any of these stereotypes?


7. Does knowing the genre, record label, or culture affiliated with an artist generate a heavy impact on your willingness to sample their music? Do you often find music sounding dynamically different, or people identified with a specific culture more pleasant than any preconceived notions you had?

8. Which statement do you find to be most true? "Identifying oneself through a culture or musical genre:
a) answers a call of human nature for security, community and belonging.
b) fills one with a sense of duty and purpose, gives one something to fight for.
c) indicates an insufficient capacity for independent thinking, and maybe even weakness.
d) results from a conditioned consumerist mindset that buying into a mass-advertised product (in this case, music) will enhance one's charm and respectability.
e) results from the disenchantment of being raised in a highly secular society that offers very little in the realm of spiritual guidance. Music and culture act as replacements for religion, philosophy and any other metaphysical doctrines.



9. Is there a genre/culture that you highly dislike or even hate? Explain.

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