david (2step_disaester) wrote in elitemusicians,

david's App..

Basic Crap:
Name? David George
Age and Birthday? 17 1/25/87
Location? B'ham AL
Who did you promote us to? musicwhores, musicobsession, and musiclovers

Music Crap:
What Instrument do you play? guitar, bass, piano, drums, mandolin
How long have you been playing? guitar 10 years, bass 5 years, drums 1 year mandolin 3 years
What do you love most about music? because it is my passion, and when i play, i feel like i am truly who i was meant to be
Favorite chord? never thought about it
Favorite key? depends, i usually dont stick with one or it gets sooo boring but i like Dm alot
Favorite mode? phrygian
Favorite bands? emperor, misfits, vital remains, miles davis, tears for fears, stevie ray vaughn and double trouble
Favorite musician? stevie ray vaughn
Favorite musical era? modern
Why are musicians so damn hot? because i am one of them

Elitist Crap:
Favorite books? the catcher in the rye, the godfather, the great gatsby
Favorite Poet? t.s. elliot
Favorite Philosopher? musashi miyamoto
Thoughts on Freud? horny dirty old man
Nietzsche vs. Kierkegaard? nietzsche
Sophacles vs. Socrates? socrates
What languages do you speak? english, japanese, italian
Interest in politics? bush is a dumbass

Anything else we should know?
i play in several bands and plan to major in guitar performance

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